The Ragan / Reagan / Regan / Ragin / Rigan GEDCOM file

Ragan / Reagan / Regan / Ragin / Rigan GEDCOM

I miss Michael W. Ragan, from Stevenson, AL. He died of a heart attack at a fairly young age a handful of years ago.

We used to email each other from time to time and he was a very nice fellow.

He did a lot of work as the moderator of the Ragan Genealogy mailing list and had a wonderful data rich GEDCOM file that you could download for your own records.

That Ragan GEDCOM file is still available online with many variations of the Ragan surname included in it.

Here's what Michael said about this GEDCOM file:

"This is the result of my family research over this past year. The file contains information on all the RAGAN / REAGAN / REGAN / RAGIN / RIGAN families I've found so far. It is a GEDCOM and can be imported by most genealogy programs. It was created using Reunion software (a program I LOVE) running on a Mac clone (Radius 81/110). The file was saved in the Ancestoral file format for MS-DOS, so it should be usable by both IBM compats & Macs.

The GEDCOM and index were compressed using ZIPIT (for Mac). You will need an UNZIP type of software to expand them.

There are several Ragan, Reagan, Ragin ... etc. families included that I've picked up during my research that, so far, don't seem to fit into my family branches (yet).
Every Ragan family history researcher should have his Ragan GEDCOM file. Be sure to scroll toward the bottom of the page and you will see the download link.


Notes on the genealogy of Timothy RAGAN

Timothy RAGAN/REAGAN/RIGGIN I was born in 1678 in Ireland (?). He died before 14 Mar 1743/1744 in Anne Arundel, Md.

Sources: Most of the information on this family came from the following two books:

1. "The Book of Ragan/Reagan" by Donald B. Reagan - Knoxville,TN

2. "Town Crier: The Descendants of Timothy & ElizabethRagan/Reagan" by Linda Green - Huntsville, AL

Timothy married Mary LARY (O'LEARY) on 24 Nov 1703 in St. Margaret's Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD. Mary was born in 1686 in Ireland (Probably). She died on 23 Jan 1764 in Maryland. Probably born in Ireland.


A blog is like a personal journal - It is also a great tool for genealogy researchers

Having a blog set up like this Ragan Genealogy blog is a great way to keep notes that I can access anywhere there is an Internet connection. It is also a way for fellow Ragan researchers to find ME!

What is a blog in simple terms?

A diary or journal is a book for writing discrete entries arranged by date reporting on what has happened over the course of a day or other period. Such logs play a role in many aspects of human civilization, including governmental, business ledgers, and military records. Diaries run the spectrum from business notations, to listings of weather and daily personal events, through to inner exploration of the psyche, or a place to express one's deepest self. Some use the words "diary" and "journal" interchangeably while others apply strict differences to journals, diaries and journaling: dated, undated, inner focused, outer focused, forced, etc. The current preference (based on book and article titles) is to use the word "journal." The phrase "journaling" is often used to describe such hobby writing, similar to the term "scrapbooking."
Some diarists think of their diaries as a special friend, even going so far as to name them. For example, Anne Frank called her diary "Kitty". There is a strong psychological effect of having an audience for one's self-expression, a personal


Re: Matthew WIMPEE, AL/GA/TN

Re: Matthew WIMPEE, AL/GA/TN: "20. Jonathan Ragan, born in Oglethorpe County, Georgia.
Children of Jonathan Ragan are:

10 i. Jonathan Ragan.
ii. Nancy Ragan, born in Oglethorpe County, Georgia; married Joseph Callaway.
iii. Rebecca Ragan, born 1771 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia; married Job Callaway.
iv. Winnifred Ragan, born in Oglethorpe County, Georgia; married Issac Callaway November 29, 1796.
v. Leanna Ragan, born 1773."

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