The Ragan / Reagan / Regan / Ragin / Rigan GEDCOM file

Ragan / Reagan / Regan / Ragin / Rigan GEDCOM

I miss Michael W. Ragan, from Stevenson, AL. He died of a heart attack at a fairly young age a handful of years ago.

We used to email each other from time to time and he was a very nice fellow.

He did a lot of work as the moderator of the Ragan Genealogy mailing list and had a wonderful data rich GEDCOM file that you could download for your own records.

That Ragan GEDCOM file is still available online with many variations of the Ragan surname included in it.

Here's what Michael said about this GEDCOM file:

"This is the result of my family research over this past year. The file contains information on all the RAGAN / REAGAN / REGAN / RAGIN / RIGAN families I've found so far. It is a GEDCOM and can be imported by most genealogy programs. It was created using Reunion software (a program I LOVE) running on a Mac clone (Radius 81/110). The file was saved in the Ancestoral file format for MS-DOS, so it should be usable by both IBM compats & Macs.

The GEDCOM and index were compressed using ZIPIT (for Mac). You will need an UNZIP type of software to expand them.

There are several Ragan, Reagan, Ragin ... etc. families included that I've picked up during my research that, so far, don't seem to fit into my family branches (yet).
Every Ragan family history researcher should have his Ragan GEDCOM file. Be sure to scroll toward the bottom of the page and you will see the download link.

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